“Initially I was sceptical about getting a personal trainer, considering myself to be highly motivated (going to the gym 4/5 times a week.)

“However, I signed up to Ben’s unlimited training and within two months had easily beaten my target weight loss for my wedding! Ben was very encouraging and supportive, and I found his healthy eating plan extremely helpful and continue to follow it months later. I would have no hesitate in highly recommending Ben as a personal trainer.”


“I’d spent another summer dreading getting in a bikini and imagining how wonderful it would feel to be confident and comfortable in my own skin. I decided that I’d had enough of imaging how it would feel and I’d finally do something about it. I had joined gyms before on a couple of occasions- trying the full range, from cheap and cheerful to much more than I could afford a month- left to my own devices on neither occasion did I stick to any kind of routine, even though each time I would start with the best of intentions.

So I decided that not only could I not afford to waste this money again, this time I really wanted to see changes in my body and improve my over all health. I wanted to quit smoking, work on my shape and get healthier. I knew that introducing good nutrition and regular and effective exercise would be good for my mind. I also knew myself and I knew that without someone to guide me through the process, push me when I lost motivation and give me the right information- I would fall back in to bad habits and I wouldn’t see the change I wanted.

I had it in the back of my mind that I would like a personal trainer but I always thought that it was an indulgence. However, I met Ben on the gym floor and thought I would give the free consultation a go. Ben listened to my concerns and never made me feel like I couldn’t be myself- moaning and self deprecation included. I thought that personal trainers were for body builders only or just for a special occasion but I learnt that to really make a change and get the right guidance to ensure you were doing things properly, a personal trainer is the way to go. I liked the fact that Ben was a drug free body builder and his approach was holistic and appropriate for each clients needs. I met some of Bens other clients who were also body builders but I didn’t feel out of place or intimidated in the gym like I may have done in the past- even in the weights room!

I thought that weights were for grunting men and would only build bulk on a woman but soon realised how beneficial a varied training plan could be.

Ben was a real gentleman and was consistently professional and I saw results within 4 months.

He made tough sessions seem almost enjoyable and I actually used to miss the gym when I was away- which I never thought would happen. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Selena Grogan Ayasanond

“I wanted to go to a personal trainer to develop fitness and grow some muscle bulk. Ben sat me down and listened to what I wanted to achieve then went about developing a training plan to make it possible.

I found his knowledge of physiology, training, nutrition and lifestyle informative and most importantly practical and useful. He draws on many years of experience in his own intensive training programme as a body builder as well as in training others to achieve their goals. He is always realistic, open in his approach and challenging; going beyond what I believe I can achieve to what I really can achieve.

In the end it is his capacity to motivate that is his greatest strength. He does not criticise or judge instead he uses encouragement and positive regard to challenge and develop my fitness and strength training.

I always feel that when Ben is training with me I am the entire focus of his attention. He watches carefully pointing out improvements in form and testing limits carefully and safely. In the end, for strength and resistance training, there must be confidence in the relationship between me and the trainer I have that confidence in Ben as my trainer and would not hesitate in recommending him to others.”

Martin Goodson

“I have been in Revolution Training for over a year and a half now, and I have noticed, within that time, my endurance, stamina and physique have improved significantly. He encourages his clients to have the confidence in going for that ‘extra mile’. Whatever your goals are, Ben will approach them with his expertise knowledge and through that he will help you strive for it.”

Mahrose Mohsin

“Having reached a plateau in my training, I was searching for a Personal Trainer to help motivate me and focus on achieving my goals. Once I started training with Ben he not only helped me rediscover my enthusiasm, but I have also seen some real gains and changes to my body.

Ben’s friendly and down to earth nature, combined with his vast knowledge of health and fitness creates the perfect blend that is so important in a Personal Trainer.

I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who wants to really shake up their training regime, whether they are already fit and strong or just starting out!”